Stacey’s Merchandise Display Security

Comprehensive security for consumer electronics

Your products securely displayed, with a security system you can make your own. The flexibility of Stacey’s modular on-display system means you can customise the level of security as well as the look and colour.

Start with LivePost 3...

Customer can pick the product up and interact with it whilst still being secured
Quick and easy orientation changing
Strong outer steel construction
LivePost 3 can be made bespoke to a company’s branding guidelines

Need extra security?
Add the Gripper range.

  • Product Features

    The Gripper range is designed to be as unobtrusive and attractive as possible yet provide the strength and durability you would expect from the Stacey’s range of security products. Designed to ensure that tablets and smartphones remain on show and usable, the Gripper range is the ultimate secure display product.

    • Lightweight – The Gripper has an unobtrusive clamp design
    • High grade steel – Means it can withstand high impact snatch attacks
    • Resists removal attacks – Such as bending, prizing or sliding
    • Easily adjustable – The Gripper has a wide range of adjustments; therefore it can work with a variety of shapes and sizes

Alarm protection ?
Trust the i4.

Small, compact design
Manage the alarm for each displayed product individually or collectively
Secure up to 4 products
Charges product as well as providing alarm
  • Product Features

    The i4 system offers a simple, compact alarm solution that both protects and charges the products on display, with the flexibility of independent alarm operation.

    • Four, secure – Each i4 Alarm secures up to four products, not only protecting them but keeping them charged too
    • Small yet sophisticated – For all its capabilities, the lightweight i4 takes up very little space in your store
    • Declare independence – i4 gives you the option of independent alarms, with each port managed locally via its own iButton Reader

Independent alarm management?
The iButton puts you in control.

LED’s let you know the current state of the alarm The tamper-proof design means thieves are unable to silence the alarm
  • Product Features

    Managing in-store alarms can be a daunting task but with the option of independent alarm management, it’s never been easier. The iButton Reader used to manage your alarm can be mounted in a place convenient for you; next to the displayed devices or even underneath your fixtures.

    Built-in LED’s make locating an issue a simple task and the tamper-proof design means potential thieves are unable to silence the alarm.

Choose the Tri-Mount Sensor.

Steel Locking Plate ensures a solid connection between Retractor and Sensor Shatterproof nylon housing and internal steel chassis Slide detection is an optional feature added to the Tri-Mount Sensor The Slide Detection Sensor incorporates new technology to detect various forms of movement and instantly trigger an alarm
  • Product Features

    The Tri-Mount Sensor is designed to charge your product, let you switch from landscape to portrait and offers ultimate levels of security with its internal steel chassis and shatterproof nylon housing.

    An optional extra is the Slide Detection Sensor that monitors any form of movement and attempted removal from a device, overcoming a wide range of well known theft methods.