Smartphone Gripper

Using industrial grade materials, Smartphone Gripper blends an attractive, unobtrusive design with the highest standard of security available for smartphone displays

The Gripper resists prizing, bending or removal from the device
Attractive, yet discreet lightweight design that allows users to interact with the product
  • Product Features

    Smartphone Gripper offers discreet mechanical security for smartphones that doesn’t get in the way, allowing customers to fully interact with the displayed product.

    • Interactive design – Extremely secure display also allows customers to handle the product easily
    • Vice-like grip – Gripper arms tighten to the device, meaning it resists bending, cutting or being prized or pushed away
    • Ergonomic Design – Allowing customers to easily handle the product
    • Flexible adjustment – The Smartphone Gripper has a wide range of adjustments; therefore it can work with a variety of smartphone shapes and sizes

Product Range