Stand Alone

Next generation display for smartphones and tablets that can be tailored to your own design, using LED backlighting and front panel finishes

Customer can lift and interact with product
High Security Retractor is designed to resist yank and snatch attacks with its Kevlar braid and stainless steel conduit
Internal alarm will emit high pitched signal if tampered with
iButton Alarm Management gives multi user control of system
This SA1 is custom built for Samsung. All SA1's can be built for a customers specific requirements
  • Product Features

    The self-contained design of the SA1 – with High Security Retractor, security alarm and device charger – makes it a simple ‘plug and play’ option for live handsets.

    • Strength in depth – High grade steel and an internal chassis combine with the Kevlar-reinforced High Security Retractor for unbeatable security
    • Versatile display – The Tri-Mount collar allows easy product rotation, automatically aligning it after pick-up for a perfect display
    • Make it yours – Customise the finish to match your branding, and use the backlit LED option to really stand out
    • Powerful security – In-built power reserve keeps the product alarmed for up to 90 hours in case of power failure
    • Fast turnaround – SA1 is designed and made in the UK – so it’s available for next day distribution

Product Range