Smartphone security in retail stores

A picture is worth a thousand words and the above image is a perfect example of that. Not only does it show our security, it also shows what our products can do.

Our smartphone and tablet security that you can see above is a happy balance between the customer experience and secure displays, it allows the customer to play with the device’s key functions and features whilst still remaining secure. With the popularity of electronic devices ever increasing, securing them in retail stores is a necessity and Stacey’s security does just the job. Head to your nearest Sainsbury’s EE store and take a look at our latest security!

Below is some information about the products pictured above:

1. Smartphone/Tablet Gripper – Our smartphone and tablet gripper offers discreet mechanical security that allows customers to fully interact with the displayed product. The Gripper arms tighten to the device, meaning it resists bending, cutting or being prized from the device. It has a wide range of adjustment, so it can secure a variety of shapes and sizes.

2. High Security Retractor – The High Security Retractor prevents the opportunist thief by resisting both cutting and snatch/yank attacks. Our Retractor incorporates high performance Kevlar™ and steel wire roping, which runs through the conduit to provide unbeatable resistance. Alongside the Kevlar™ and steel wire rope, charging and alarming cables run through the Retractor to power and alarm the electronic device.

3. LP3 display post – Our LP3 display post is a perfect platform for displaying hand-held electronic devices. You can alter the angle, the height, the colour – we can make it bespoke to suit you. In-built into the post is our iButton Reader, which is used alongside the iButton keys to manage and control the (optional) alarm. The Retractor retracts through the post into its housing, so no cables are on show when it’s not being handled by the customer.

Do you have electronic devices that need securing? Contact us today for more information about our security.